Our Veterans Need YOUR Help
  • Volunteering is fundamental to our identity as a Nation.

    This is not about parties or politics. Its about gratitude and human compassion.

  • Invitation from Glenn Beck & the 912 Project

    How can you say no? Click here to see the video (May 27 2014. 3min)

  • To re-forge the bond between citizen and soldier

    Neglect is unacceptable. We need to strengthen our ties with those who have sacrificed on our behalf.

  • For those who have sacrificed to preserve freedom.

    Its time to come together. To set things right. To show them how its done.

  • Many are able. Are you willing?

    Just an hour each month, or one day a week. It doesn't matter.  If you are willing, we will get the message out. Together we can make a difference.


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